1. gTasks fails to connect to my Google/Gmail account. What should I do?
    1. Before going dipper, and to save your time, you should double check that you entered your email and password correctly.
    2. If you turned on 2-step verification on your Google account, you should create an application specific password in your Google account settings, as described here.
    3. Google may locked your account for Captcha.
      To unlock Captcha for Gmail or personal Google account, follow the link: https://www.google.com/accounts/UnlockCaptcha
      To unlock Captcha for Google Apps account, check the following URL and replace ‘yourdomain’ with your Google Apps domain name: https://www.google.com/a/yourdomain.com/UnlockCaptcha
    4. If you are using Google Apps account, gTasks is designed to work with Google Apps new infrastructure.
      New and recent Google Apps accounts are already set with the new infrastructure.
      Older Google Apps accounts are transitioning to the new infrastructure.
      You can choose to transition your Google Apps accounts to the new infrastructure on your own timeline until the date of your automatic transition.
      You can read more info here about Google Apps transition to the new infrastructure.
  2. I purchased the app before, but I keep being prompted to purchase the app again. What should I do?
    When prompted to purchase the app, you should tap the “I already purchased” option at the bottom of the screen.
    Just make sure that you are using the same Apple ID as the one you used to purchase the app with.
    Also, notice that if you purchased the “Pro” version, you should make sure you download the “Pro” version from the App Store (The ‘Pro’ and the ‘non-Pro’ versions are the same app with the same features).
  3. There is no alert sound. What should I do?
    Please make sure:
    • Device Settings > Notification Center > gTasks > Sounds is ON.
    • gTasks Settings > Alert Sound is not None.
  4. Location alert is not working. What should I do?
    Please make sure that the following settings are enabled for gTasks app:
    • Settings > General > Background App Refresh.
    • Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
  5. Does the location alert drains my battery?
    The location alert is using Apple’s geofencing API,  utilizing the cellular antenna fix rather than using the GPS component (this is the reason that the iPad has to be GSM for this feature to be available).
    Since the GPS is not used for positioning, the battery consumption should be almost the same, with or without a task with location alert.
    You may also notice that the location icon appeared at the top toolbar is outlined (not filled), which means that the geo-fencing is active.
    You can read more on your device’s Settings > Privacy > Location Services, scroll to the bottom.
    The bottom line is that you shouldn’t experience any difference with battery consumption when you activate a location alert.
  6. What is the difference between the 'Pro' (paid) and the 'non-Pro' (free) versions?
    Both versions are similar and have the same features.
    The ‘Pro’ version is a paid app from the App Store, while the ‘non-Pro’ version is a free limited version with in-app purchase to unlock limitation. The free version gives an opportunity to test-drive the app before you buy it.
  7. I want the app on my iPhone and iPad. Should I pay twice?
    gTasks is a universal app, designed both for iPhone and iPad.
    Once you purchased gTasks, you can have it both for your iPhone and iPad, no need to pay twice!
    Tapping the “I already purchased” button in the purchase screen on the other devices will do the trick.
  8. I swipe a task horizontally but an unexpected behavior occurs.
    Different behavior for task swipe is set for different tasks order setting.
    If the list’s tasks order is manual, then the sub-tasking option is available, and tasks swipe will result in sub-tasking operations.
    If the list’s tasks order is anything other than manual, sub-tasking is not possible, and tasks swipe will result in appeared task delete button.
  9. What is gTasks?
    gTasks is an iPhone and iPad application that helps you to manage your daily tasks more efficiently.
    You can also set alerts for tasks that will sound and popup on your iPhone/iPad screen.
    Tasks are managed within a list, while multiple lists can be added.
    If you have a Google account/Gmail or Google Apps account, you can synchronise your tasks with Google’s tasks. Every change you make to your tasks in the iPhone will update your Google’s tasks and vice versa (including your iPad that is set to sync against the same Google account).
    You can configure gTasks to synchronise with multiple Google accounts.
  10. How can I access Google Tasks on the web?
    There are several ways to access your Google Tasks on the web:
    1. Login to your Gmail account at http://www.gmail.com. On the top left of the main screen, just above the “Compose mail” button, click “Tasks”. The tasks list will appear at the bottom right of the page.
    2. Login to your Google Calendar with your Google account at http://www.google.com/calendar. Click “Tasks” on the left side of the calendar, just below the “My calendars” list. The tasks list should appear on the right side of the calendar view.
    3. Browse to https://mail.google.com/tasks/canvas and login with your Google account. This is a full screen view of your Google Tasks.
    4. A special Google Tasks web client for iPhone’s Safari can be found at https://mail.google.com/tasks/iphone. Login with your Gmail account.
  11. What is an account, a list and a task?
    An account refer to Gmail or Google Apps account for tasks synchronization. If you don’t wish to synchronize your tasks, then you have virtual single local account.
    Each account contains lists, and each list contains tasks.
  12. What are the three horizontal lines next to each task?
    This is called “reordering icon” and it’s standard to Apple’s user interface. To reorder your tasks, you should tap and hold the reordering icon and drag it to the desired location.
  13. How do I add sub-tasks?
    Tap the task you want to add sub-tasks to. Task details will appear. Now tap the “Subtask” button on the top right of the screen and enter the sub-task’s details. To add another sub-task just tap the “Next” button on the keyboard.
  14. How do I make a task to be a sub-task and vice versa?
    To make a task to be a sub-task of the prior task in the tasks list, you should swipe the task from left to right.
    Swiping the task from right to left will return the task to its previous state.
    Note that sub-tasking is available only if tasks order is manual (hand icon).
  15. What does swiping a task horizontally should do?
    That depends of the list’s tasks order.
    If your tasks order is manual, swiping a task right will sub-task the task and swiping left will do the opposite.
    If your tasks order is any other than manual, swiping a task will show a delete button allowing you to quickly delete the task in place.
  16. How do I delete tasks?
    To delete completed tasks, simply tap the garbage bin icon on the bottom of the screen and select “Delete Completed Tasks”.
    To selectively delete tasks, tap the garbage bin icon and select “Selective Delete”. A red round button will appear next to each task, allowing you to choose task and delete.
    If the list’s tasks order is other than manual, you can simply swipe a task from left to right and tap the appeared delete button.
  17. How does the synchronization with Google work?
    gTasks has 2 modes of synchronization. Manual and Automatic. This setting is controlled in gTasks settings “Auto Sync” item.
    If auto sync is off, sync will take place only when you initiate it by pulling the task list down until the sync indicator hidden behind the top bar reveals.
    If auto sync is on, sync will take place as soon as you launch the app or when you modify your tasks.
  18. I need support or I have a new feature to suggest. What should I do?
    Don’t hesitate. Open your email and write to us at gtasks@katans.com.